Greatly in Demand, Offshore Oil Rig Underwater Welder Jobs Pay Handsomely

The Offshore oil industry looks to be taking off. In view of some of the industry problems lately you might think that is not the case, but the reality is that offshore oil rig personnel are greatly in demand. With so many wells coming on so quickly, and even more going out, the offshore underwater welders jobs are there for the taking.

These days, given the lucrative salaries, people are taking a hard look at their own skills to see if they might qualify as an underwater welder. Underwater welders don’t just weld. No, there’s a great deal more to the job that that. It is a position that is more dangerous, and more exciting than any other kind of welding position. The position can be dangerous and it can even be deadly, but if you’re a commercial diver who loves your craft, that hasn’t bothered you before and it won’t now.

We all know what welders do. Working with gas and often electricity, they will fuse together parts of metal or machinery that require conjoining. Welding requires a steady hand and a good sense of timing. The average welder may make about 15 dollars per hour or sometimes a little more, depending on where you are employed.

An underwater welder fits that bill, but does it in such as way that they are often found beneath as well as above the water level. You will need to be not only a certified and highly experienced welder, but also a commercial diver with a certification to become an offshore welder.

Offshore welders to very specialized tasks that require minute attention to detail and absolute perfection in their craft. While some cases that means that the work can be done by computerized machinery or by robotics, it also means that in many cases, human hands are required to accomplish it. With some offshore rigs going up, and others being decommissioned and coming down, the opportunities for offshore welders are plentiful.

The reality is that only a relatively few people can qualify as an offshore welder. If you’ve been a diver for years and you also know welding extremely well, then there may be a place for you in the offshore welders ranks. Offshore welders are paid some of the highest wages that are available to offshore crews, and the offers to good offshore welders are generally plentiful.

If you have what it takes to do this highly special and sometimes dangerous position, take the time to put in your applications. So far as salary, the sky is literally the limit. For an underwater welder to take home 0.00 dollars per day is not at all unheard of. Your expertise in diving as well as welding will put you in high demand in the underwater welding arena. Take advantage of that while you can.

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